Revolutionising the way you find your missing items.

Finderr is an iOS Application that guides users to their missing objects both visually, via an immersive AR experience, as well as audibly, via binaural audio.

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About Us

Finderr is made up of a group of students that met at a hackathon at the University of Oxford. Our win of the Microsoft Azure Champ Challenge there inspired us to submit our project to the Microsoft Imagine Cup, and we are proud to announce that our application has been selected as the winner of the 2019 Imagine Cup EMEA Finals!

Our Goal

A World where Missing Items are a Thing of the Past

The main goal of Finderr is to allow visually impared people to easily search for lost objects around their home. This dosen't mean you have to have a visual imparement to use it though. Finderr is designed to be used by everyone, people like you and me.

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Video Demo

"Absolutely Fantastic"

That's what John, a blind test user had to say after trying out our product. Click the play button on the left to learn more about John's experience.


More than Meets the Eye

Clean & Aesthetic Design

The Finderr Camera will fit right into your Smart Home.


The Finderr Camera only costs $50, less than other Smart Home Cameras, yet does much more.

Supports 3D Object Localisation

Our stereo camera makes use of depth detection to map objects onto a 3-D representation of a room

Visual and Oral Guidance

Users are guided to their missing objects by both an immersive AR experience, as well as binaural audio.


The Finderr iOS app is fully VoiceOver Compatible.

Smart Home Capabilities

Why buy a seperate Smart Home Camera, when the Finderr Camera would do that for you.

Who We Are

Meet the Team

Choon Kiat Lee


Choon Kiat is a third year Engineering Student at the University of Cambridge.

Sachin Sriskanda


Sachin is a third year Computer Science Student at the University of St Andrews.

Ferdinand Loesch


Ferdinand is a second year Computer Science and Robotics Student at Oxford Brookes University.

Cara Nabbefield


Cara is a first year Business Student at Oxford Brookes University.

How it Works

It's not rocket science!

You may be thinking, "This seems really complicated.." It's not! Finderr comprises of just three simple components.

Finderr Smart AI Camera

Affordable and non-intrusive camera that identifies objects and localises them in 3-D Room space to a scanned AR anchor map.

Azure Cloud Services

The Azure Cosmos DB service is the heart of our program, providing a medium to host object location data obtained from the cameras, and relay this to the user via the iOS app.

Finderr iPhone Application

Guides users to objects visually via ARKit and audibly via binaural audio.

Download The App

Unfortunately, the app isn't publicly available yet, however sign up to our newsletter and you'll be one of the first to get it when it officially launches.

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Pricing Plan

Our Awesome Pricing Plan


  • Finderr iOS Application
  • Limited support
$ 0 /Month


  • Finderr iOS Application
  • One Free Smart AI Camera ($50 for additional)
  • Installation not included
$ 69 /Month


  • Finderr iOS Application
  • Five Free Smart AI Cameras ($50 for additional)
  • Installation included
  • Premium Support Phone Line
$ 149 /Month

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set it up?

Each Finderr Camera sold contains detailed instructions regarding the set up process. Alternatively, you could request installation from one of our experts.

What about my privacy?

Any images taken by our cameras are securely stored on our Database using Microsoft's Azure Cloud Services. Any images taken are deleted after a week

I'm not visually impared. Can I still use Finderr?

Why not? Finderr is designed to be available to everybody. That's people like you and me.

Will there be an Android Version?

We understand that not everyone can afford an iPhone, and we do plan on eventually porting Finderr to Android, however we don't know how soon this would be.